Ollies card

Ollies card
Card for LOTV challenge

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hi I'm Louise the proud owner of louloub's corner. I have given up work to look after my hubbie who is poorly. My interests are wide and varied. At the moment my main interest is card making but I also enjoy knitting, all needlecrafts, making jams and all sorts of preserves- nearly that time again. I also enjoy gardening and keeping fit - in my never ending battle to get slim, this is just as well. I will be sharing my crafty makes and any recipes that I think others would enjoy.

Here is a card that I created for a challenge - unfortunately I missed the deadline, oh well, maybe next time.
Well thank you for looking, until next time, enjoy

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogs mum I love this card, what a shame you missed the deadline. You'll just have to work faster next time!x